“TourAudio” tour guide radio systems – your no.1 pick for improving the quality of tours

Our company lends and produces tour guide radio systems under our own brand - TourAudio. These devices are also known as “Radio Guides” or “Tour Headsets”.

экскурсия на торжественной церемонии открытия ТЦ АКВАМОЛЛ в Ульяновске

Радиогид TourAudio на экскурсии по производству

Here’s how our equipment works:

  • The guide has a microphone attached to their neck, and a small low power radio transmitter placed in their pocket or a handbag
  • Every sightseer (client) is given a comfortable headset and a small radio receiver, tuned to the guide’s transmitter
  • Every client within the range of the guide’s transmitter (up to 50-100 meters) hears the voice of the guide through the headset. The range of the transmitter allows all members of the tour group to freely spread around the guide, closely examine the objects that are of interest to them and make photos without missing a word from the guide.

Here is a video showing the TourAudio tour guide radio system in use. Click this link to watch the video: "Entering the city - 2012"..

The lending of tour guide radio systems is so common in Europe that it does not need recommendations. Our tour guide radio systems work best in the following cases:

  • When your group exceeds 20 members
  • When the tours are going to take place in crowded and noisy places
  • When the tours are held in small indoor premises
  • When the tours are held in places that require keeping silent
  • When the tours are held for foreign tourists or VIP-clients


Our company provides a European-class service that meets all Russian requirements at affordable prices:

  • The rental cost of the tour guide equipment (in case of multi-day trips) is affordable for every member of the tour group
  • We will deliver all equipment wherever you need it and will pick it up once your tour is successfully finished
  • The rental fee for our equipment includes a set of batteries for the entire rental period
  • We will provide you with extra receivers for replacement (just to be on the safe side)

Our company has special offers for tour operators that arrange tours on regular basis.

If you’re located far from Moscow, we offer you an effective long-term rental formula, and will deliver our tour guide radio systems to your city.

Using our radio guide equipment enables you to set up a mobile and inexpensive multi-language simultaneous interpreting system.

If you have any questions on our services, terms of use, or you would like to place an order, please give us a call at: +7 495 956-84-26, or +7 925 771-17-23 (Moscow, Russian Federation).

Tour Guide 40-channel RF Receiver TourAudio WT-300R Tour Guide 40-channel RF Receiver TourAudio WT-300R The 40-channel UHF radio receiver of the TourAudio WT-300R radio system is designed to reproduce the voice of the tour guide through a headset Read more >>
Tour Guide 40-channel RF Transmitter TourAudio WT-300T Tour Guide 40-channel RF Transmitter TourAudio WT-300T The small 40-channel UHF radio transmitter of the TourAudio WT-300T tour guide radio system (radioguide) is designed to transmit the guide’s voice to the receivers of the tour group members Read more >>


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