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Радиосистема гида TourAudio на экскурсии по производству

Экскурсия по производству с использованием радиогидов TourAudio TWG

Many companies arrange and conduct tours of their production lines. These tours are conducted both for consumers of the products and for business partners. Large companies organize educational tours for schoolchildren and students that are looking for a future place of employment.

Industrial tourism deserves special attention. Some production lines are so interesting or unique that people are willing to pay money for the opportunity to visit them (especially if a fascinating tour is combined with a tasting). Do not miss an opportunity to raise awareness of your company and to earn extra money!

For example, "RotFront", the Moscow confectionery factory conducts several paid tours daily, while sightseeing tours are scheduled for the coming year. Сadbury, the English chocolate factory, started to conduct tours of their production lines in 1902 with150, 000 visitors by 1938. Every major company in the U.S. gladly conducts tours of their production facilities. If the company does not accept tourists, it undermines its reputation as if it has something to hide.

However, production facilities often have increased levels of noise from the operation of machinery. This creates an additional pressure on tour guides, forcing them to battle the noise. As a result, visitors get spread around the facility and do not get all of the information from the guide.

TourAudio TWG radiosystem easily solves this problem and provides additional benefits.

The directional microphone allows the guide not to raise his/her voice, and transmits everything that they say to the headsets of every tour member, even at a significant distance from the guide.

This is especially useful when the tour guide warns participants of the need to comply with security measures.

An additional benefit is the ability to conduct guided tours in several languages ​​for mixed groups. In this case, a guide and an interpreter are given transmitters tuned to different channels, which allows every tour member to hear the explanation in their own native language.

If you need to conduct tours frequently, you can buy a TourAudio TWG kit for these needs. If the tours happens occasionally, you may prefer to rent the TourAudio TWG Tour Guide Radio System.

Экскурсия по производству на заводе Моспиво с использованием радиосистемы гида TourAudio TWG



Подготовка к выдаче приемников радиосистемы гида ТурАудио

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Руководство пользователя на 16-канальную радиосистему гида TourAudio TWG (русский язык)

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