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1. Question: How many receivers can work at the same time with one transmitter?

1. Answer:

There is no limit, in theory. In practice, the number of listeners is limited by the transmitter working range, which is approximately 50 meters.

2. Question: Is there a chance that too many tour groups can affect the quality of the radio guide system service?

2. Answer:

The TourAudio TWG radio system allows simultaneous operation of up to 8 tour groups. Each group chooses a separate radio channel. A visitor can change the channel at any time by turning the radio channel switch. Up to 16 tour groups can operate simultaneously when the distance between groups is around 15-20 meters. If this distance is over 50 meters, the groups would not interfere with each other, even if they use the same channel, because the range of the transmitter is 50 meters.

3. Question: Your systems use radio waves – are they safe for use?

3. Answer:

Each tour group member uses a RECEIVER which does not emit any radio waves at all. A tour guide uses a transmitter. Its transmission power is just 10 mW, which is 20 times lower, than the average power of a cell phone. There is nothing to worry about.


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