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Our equipment may be used as a mobile kit for a simplified version of simultaneous translation.

If you have a small group of customers, that needs simultaneous translation, or if you have a limited budget, you may use our TourAudio radiosystem as a mobile simultaneous translation system.

In this case, an interpreter does not need to stay in a separate soundproof room. He/she can stay next to the group and interpret the speech into the microphone that is fastened on their neck. A high sensitivity directed neck microphone transmits the quiet speech of the interpreter, since they have to speak in a low voice not to drown out the voice of the speaker. Mobile simultaneous translation systems of this type are sometimes called "whispering".

The disadvantage of this system is that the interpreter is not acoustically separated from the speaker.This does not fully meet the international interpretation standards.

The advantages of this system are as follows:

  • Low rental price. The TourAudio mobile interpreting system was designed for mass servicing of tourist groups. Therefore it is very affordable and reliable. In addition, you save money on the rental of soundproof rooms.
  • • Usability. The equipment is very easy to use, so you don’t have to ask specialized engineers for help. Just put out the transmitters and receivers from the transportation case, turn them on – and you’re ready to go!
  • М• Mobility. You can take the TourAudio mobile interpreting system with you to another city. You can use the TourAudio TWG mobile interpreting system on the go such as during a tour on the street or in indoor premises. This mode of operation is physically impossible for a stationary simultaneous interpreting system.
  • • Versatility. You may conduct business training in the morning and an entertaining tour of the city in the evening – all you need is a TourAudio TWG mobile interpreting system.

The TourAudio mobile interpreting system has long been successfully used by our customers, and shows excellent results at the highest level.

Is your business located outside of Moscow? No worries! Our company will organize a courier delivery of the equipment to any city in Russia and will pick it up once your event is finished. You make a single payment for both rental and shipping – the rest is our job!

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