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On this page we have collected a set of videos that show examples of TourAudio radio guide systems in use. If you have a video of your own tour with TourAudio equipment – send it to us! We’ll be glad to post it here too.

A tour with TourAudio system. Tour guide - Zoya Dmitrieva "Hamovnaya Sloboda". October 18, 2012


"Battle for Architectural Moscow. The return of Sivtsev Vrazhek". October 5, 2012

Notice in this video, that the TourAudio system enables you to conduct guided tours on the move. There also is an interesting moment when it started raining and the tourists opened their umbrellas, which made the group spread, but did not affect the quality of the tour thanks to the TourAudio system.


Promotional video of the «Entering the city 2012» project

We have posted this video to show you how the TourAudio radio guides can be effectively used for tours in noisy indoor premises. The video contains an episode of a tour in Moscow Metro with tour guide Maria Valdes. The noise of the passing trains could spoil the impression of the tour, but the TourAudio system solves this problem. This video also contains some parts of an authorial tour by the local architecture historian Denis Romodin.


A tour with TourAudio system. Tour guide – Tatiana Vorontsova "Moscow – A Movie Star City". November 16, 2012

In this video, you can see how Tatiana Vorontsova leads the group through narrow galleries of Moscow yards, conducting her tour on the move. The group spreads, but the TourAudio system delivers the guide’s voice to all of the group members.


A tour with TourAudio system. Tour guide – Elena Olshanskaya "El Lissitzky's Autograph". October 17, 2012

In this video you can observe a typical situation for sightseeing tours, when the noise of construction equipment almost drowns out the guide’s voice. The TourAudio headsets cut off a major part of the street noise to continue the tour without problems.


A tour with TourAudio system. Tour guide – Sergei Kavtaradze "ABC of Architecture. How to "read" the monuments of architecture". October 13, 2012